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About Us

      Al City Creations (ACC) started as a kid in middle school using an old camcorder filming his family camping trips. 5 years later ACC has grown to a small group of aspiring photographers and videographers creating professional grade videos and taking stunning photographs. 


      ACC is proud to have created the short film "Poison” in association with the “Not One More” program who battles the use of heroin. ACC is extremely involved with our community; we are responsible for the making of “Every 15 Minutes”, working with local police, fire department, and our school system to show the consequences and dangers of drinking and driving. One of our proudest moments was the making of the “Simi vs. Royal” videos, which showcases the rivalry football game between our two high schools. There is a wide variety of content that we can give to you, from sports highlight videos and wedding videos, to stunning portraits and breath taking landscapes. We are happy to do almost anything with a camera when given the chance! We hope you enjoy our photos and videos that we have to offer you and look forward to getting in touch with you to create more amazing works!


                                                                            - ACC team


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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